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“Fisher Cat,” James Fiorentino

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Once hunted to extirpation for their dense and silky fur, the Fisher Cat has made a remarkable comeback in its native historical range. In the not-so-distant past the Fisher Cat was thought to be restricted to the boreal forests of Canada. With closed hunting seasons, habitat recovery and reintroduction the Fishers have come to reoccupy much of its previous range, though in much smaller numbers. Following local sightings, cameras were set up in the Kittatinny Ridge of New Jersey in 2005. After a year of surveillance, three photos finally captured the elusive fisher. Since then numerous sightings have confirmed the return of the fisher to this part of the world.

Clever, carnivorous hunters, Fisher Cats are one of few predators of porcupines, employing an elaborate technique to capture its prey. Though they prefer prey like snowshoe hares, fisher cats are opportunistic omnivores and will eat mushrooms and fruit if necessary. For more on local conservation efforts visit Conserve Wildlife.

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